Texture Tags (C4D) Values Not showing in *.FBX

(Museudocomputador) #1

Hello I know this is a stupid question but I didn't find the answer anywhere.

When I create my models I use TEXTURE TAG to fit the texture on the model.

But when I export to *.FBX and upload to sketchfab the FBX files don't contain ANY of the Texture Tag Attributes.
This is the settings I used:

Any ideas? Thanks.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @museudocomputador,

It depends on how the texture is used inside the material. All Cinema4D feature are not supported by FBX file format, so if the texture doesn't fit in a regular FBX material, it can be lost during the export of the scene.

Could give the link of the model having this issue ?


(Museudocomputador) #3

Hello Waleguene thanks for the reply



It looks like there were 3 textures embedded in the FBX file, and we processed them successfully:


If the other materials are the issue, I suspect that @waleguene is right and that feature is not exported to FBX by C4D.


(Museudocomputador) #5

Thanks for the reply James, I figure out a way to do it, thanks for the attention