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Texture UV Bug, Test is fine in Maya and SP

(Dark Minaz) #1

Hey there

There seems to be a big issue somewhere in my Texture that i can’t seem to figure out why sketchfab isn’t handling it correctly.



Substance Painter


As you can clearly see only sketchfab decided to mess up something along the way. Crome,Firefox, Viewer + 3D Settings.

(Dark Minaz) #2

i did find a workaround exporting from sp directly, but that doesn’t really solve the core issue.

(Jorditorres) #3

Hi @dark_minaz,

The problem is related to the tesselation of the n-gon having issues. As you see in the first image the correct version is sending triangles, while the wrong version is sending polygons, making the pipeline to figure out how can it be correctly tesselated.

Good one:

Wrong one:

My advice would be to try to send triangles or regular quads as much as you can and get rid of n-gons to avoid this kind of issues, Each software could potentially use different algorithms to figure out the best tessellation. In this case the one we use is not getting the right result. So to summarize: the less we give the pipeline to guess, the better.

(Dark Minaz) #4

Ah so a ngon gets changed differently in sketchfab than in maya, thanks, i really was wondering what made the uv change.
Thanks, now i know what to look out for in case that happens again :slight_smile: