Texture washout on mobile device

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I just uploded my model with obj & uv texture, and looks ok on my laptop. But when I check on my iphone&iPad,the texture of model was washout. Is the issue normal?

Laptop sceenshot

iPad sceenshot


Most likely, this is a combination of the iPad displaying a low-res texture ( due to memory limitations ) + imperfections in the texture mapping ( a common issue with 3d scans ). Not much we can do to improve it.


What 3d scanning software are you using? You can probably improve the rendering result by improving the texture.

The hard edges are causing the weird spots you see, so increasing the borders will help that.

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I use Structure sensor with Skanect to do 3D scan, and create uv texture by Blender.
Thanks for ur help! I'll try to increase the border and see what it can improve.


Cool, let us know how it goes. As an example, this is the texture result from Structure + itSeez3D:

No hard edges, so it helps prevent those overlaps and other errors.

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Finally, I got a better res on my ipone by multi-texture used. Through using 3 texture(800x800pixel per image) replaced one big uv map(4096x4096). Use this method I can get an optimize look of model and prevent it washout forced by low res on mobile. Hope can be useful to others.

PC version

iPhone version