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Texture won't show up


(Banky) #1

Hey I'm really new to sketchfab.. but every time I try to upload my model from 3ds max it uploads with no textures :frowning: I'v tried exporting it as .OBJ and .FBX and tried uploading the .MTL with it but it's not working... Please help?


You'll want to ZIP together OBJ + MTL + textures, or FBX + textures (or FBX with embedded media), OR you can drag and drop all the files into the website. OR you can manually upload textures in 3D Settings after uploading.

Also, have you tried the 3ds Max Exporter plugin?

(Banky) #3

Thanks! that worked smiley

(Justabouthomes Com) #5

Hey I'm trying to upload model from sketch up,It uploads with few textures,As some textures are missing. I've tried from OBJ +MTL +Textures & sketchup to sketchfab plugin also its not working .....Need Help?

(Gabrielasales) #6

Thank you, James! I´ve tried to zip together and did not work so I manually upload the texture map as you said (I did not know that this was possible in Sketchfab! Thank you!)

(Nasirwroblox) #7

i had the same problem thanks