Textures AlbedoPBR & DiffusePBR


(Digitaldraping) #1

Why are some textures in the


and some are in


How do I get them all to be in the same place?


All my materials have the same settings.

But the texture is in two places.

How where do I manage this?



You only need to update the channel that you're using.

For Metalness workflow it's AlbedoPBR
For Specular workflow it's DiffusePBR

(Digitaldraping) #3

Thank's James, I don't understand why they are not all just AlbedoPBR. They are all set up the same.

If I can't make them all the same. How do I know which channel to target?

Thanks for your help.


In theory you could use different workflows (Metalness vs Specular) across different materials in the same model. This isn't supported in the editor UI, but it would be possible via the Viewer API.

If you're using Metalness, just target AlbedoPBR.

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Thank's James, this is over my head. Maybe I need to do some homework. I suppose I could manually tell the API which channel to look for. I was hoping there might be some way to make a call and find out where the texture is.