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Textures Compression Issues


(Pixelwave) #1

I've been reading through the support forums and FAQs on textures and how Sketchfab compresses LD textures and chooses when to serve which textures. However, the BOSS model that I uploaded, when it loads it looks terrible. Almost not recognizable at times. It compressed the heck out the model to the point where it just comes out black. All textures are 4k JPGs, the largest is only 6MB. I do have 6 texture sets, 31 textures total. Is that what might be causing the issue?

BOSS Pedal - Compress make the model super dark and unrecognizable.

Floor Lamp - Same exporting of textures out of Substance Painter, better quality for some reason.

Is it possible that your servers are still just processing the textures? It would be nice to have a way to set the default of how you'd like these models to be viewed. I am trying to show quality on a desktop and don't care if the model can't load on a mobile device.

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Stephomi) #2

It was another issue (a backend server issue that prevented some textures to be even downloaded at all).
It's now fixed and should be much better.

As for compression, 31 4k textures is huge (the MB only matters for download time, the VRAM used is still 4k*31).
Many desktop users only have an intel HD card, so it would like crash.

While we are processing textures, we are fallbacking on high res uncompressed textures.
Note that we recreate all the textures when you save your model settings.

(Pixelwave) #3

Awesome, thank you for the reply and the perspective on the texture and VRAM!