Textures "Delete all"

As the title says, I need a way to remove all textures with a click.

I’ve been checking if there were any issues about this, I found the replacement of textures that is great, or a “Refresh”, it would also be the same, but as there is no such feature because …

I make this request, since I have been working on a scene that has many textures, and I have just fixed all the textures and now I see myself clicking like a damned fool to eliminate them.
(114 clicks, to be exact)

I need to remove textures at once :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi there,

I agree that a “Replace Texture” feature would be very useful.

You should be able to remove all unused textures though.

Sorry James, you know I get along very badly with this google translator!

It’s true, remove those that are not in use, that works perfectly!

The problem is that I wanted to reload all the textures, and as I knew they were going to be duplicated, and in the end I was going to roll everything up, I thought I can remove them all, and then I can re-import them again, but… I eliminated them 1 to 1 :confounded:

my mouse broke, they owe me a new mouse!:gift:

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