Textures do not allign properly


(Threedcg) #1

Everything works great but my textures are not lining up properly on some of my edges. It looks like the textures are pushed over to one side this causes the edges to be off. In Unity the textures are lined up perfectly with the same object and texture files. Modeled in Maya Textured in Substance Painter. I tried OBJ and FBX same problem.

Circle deformation bug

Could you please post a link to the model, and/or send me the original file(s)? support@sketchfab.com

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Here is a link. https://sketchfab.com/models/3539aca8205842e9b71acaa27b928d52 I deleted it earlier trying a few different things but re uploaded it for you.


Hmm, thanks.

I wasn't able to discover anything just looking at the Sketchfab version. Would you mind sending me the original FBX and OBJ/MTL files and textures? support@sketchfab.com

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I'm going with a different Web GL 3D Model Viewer and portfolio website. Sorry. Works perfect in the other viewer.

(Mrchlblng) #6

@threedcg looking at your model I suspect it could come from our compression being a bit too "greedy" on your model. I'm working on a fix. Hope you'd still be up to test our viewer when the fix is live

(Threedcg) #7

Sure when you have the fix in I can easily try again. I want to keep my account here. Your portfolio system has a lot of advantages. I may be uploading a few more of my models soon. I'll let you know if there are any problems.

(Threedcg) #8

OK doing a few tests in other programs and viewers. I haven't been able to find the culprit yet. I have been loading other models and textures today and they look fine. I have 16 models up now. If you would like the files to test let me know. I am using the exact same files for every test.

(Mrchlblng) #9

Hey @threedcg,

thanks for the details!
The issue with our processing is identified, however the right fix for it is not, yet.
If you want some more details, we compress 3D data with both lossy and lossless approaches to optimize model loading time. The issue here is that our lossy algorithm is too aggressive on your model geometry (this explains why you did not notice the issue on your other models) and destroy too much information on the UVs. I'm able to improve this a bit but it's still not perfect and that's why no fix has been released yet.

What's difficult is that we don't want to overoptimize the compression for a small class of models and have a larger class of models being less compressed and thus heavier to load.
Rest assured that Sketchfab aims at delivering high quality content so I'm working on a fix but it might take me longer than wished. I'll let you know when the good fix is live!

(Threedcg) #10

Sounds good. It does look lile the uv is getting misaligned by a compression algorithm or something. I have uploaded 15 other models and have only seen a small uv issue on one other model I will upload a picture when I get home. The quality of the sketchfab viewer is excellent overall. When the fix is live I will reload the model and test it again. If you need any of the files to test let me know.

(Mrchlblng) #11

Happy to hear that you like the viewer overall smile
Would indeed be great if you could send the other model for which you noticed the UV issue to support@sketchfab.com. Thanks a lot!

(Threedcg) #12

Ok here is the next model with some UV issues. I will zip it and send it to your support address. Also there is the link to the model's.

Concrete Sack by ThreeDCG on Sketchfab


(Engine9) #13

Scale all models - 1.1.1 No modificators. I use blender uploader and .fbx export.


It's a bug related to compression that can sometimes mess up texture UVs. We're working on it!

(Engine9) #15

Ok, thanx. I unfold UV "problem" models and bug fixed. Love sketchfab support!

(Bart) #16

@james @engine9 I've merged these two threads

(Mrchlblng) #17

hey @threedcg,

it's been a long time (sorry about that). We finally just released a fix to our UV compression that should fix all the issues you encountered e.g. on your original sample we now have the following:

The fix should guarantee quality with not much download size penalty. Please let me know if you come across any other issue!

(Szala) #18

I am still experiencing UV layout problem on my model.

Kubus by szala on Sketchfab

Especially visible areas are the drivers side window, rear wheel covers and engine cover welds.

I already tried to upload OBJ an FBX files and there is no difference.

Is there a way to fix this?

(Mrchlblng) #19

@szala, I'm not sure where your problem actually is. I tried to process your model without geometry compression and I see no difference.
Do you experience the issue only in the viewer or also when you edit 3d settings?

(Szala) #20

Problem solved, my bad, thank your for looking into it so quickly and replying to me. Your software works perfectly.
The problem was. I have uploaded my quad mesh instead of triangulated mesh so there was mismatch of the mesh density and texture stretching appeared in some areas as a result.