Textures from different UV Shell's make a transparent seam between the textures

As the title states, I am getting a separating between the UV Shell Textures.
I have checked the the model in Maya and moving a single vertex or a edge does show that the mesh is welded.
I’ve been uploading this as a FBX, and the software I used was only Maya and Photoshop.
Does anyone understand why this is occurring?
If you need me to clarify the situation further, ask me for a detail you would like explained.
How can I stop Sketchfab from making my UV Shells separate?

The UV Shell in Maya.

Did you change something? It seems ok:

Oh you made a duplicate. I reprocessed the original copy with different vertex compression settings and it’s fixed the issue.

It’s not just that model face but every model I posted.
Why is every model i post have this problem?

It must of been you that fixed it, how do I use a different vertex compression to fix it?

Nothing I do fixes it, how do I repeat the fix that you do did on my end?
Or how do I stop this from happening?
It occurs on every one of my models.

Can I get help with this from the support team?
I’ve wasted 2 nights now trying to figure it out on my own but nothing fixes it at all.
I tried just about every possible way to fix it, but as soon as I add a animated rig with multiple textures on the same mesh on separate faces, the UV shells separate for no reason when imported into this website.
I’m going to cancel my pro subscription since I’m not getting the results and support.

Reprocessing the models like that can only be done from my end.

I will reprocess all of your models with the issue.

Maybe @waleguene can offer some advice to prevent this on your end.

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Thanks for the fixes, but now I still cant continue with other revisions I had planned.
I wanted to move some weights and vertices to clean up the animations and also animate the faces, but I cant revise the ‘fixed’ models because I will wind up with the texture problems again.
Is it possible to add this ‘vertices compression option’ to us?
Seems like this website isn’t good for animated models, just non motion scenes and still models.