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Textures issues 3dsmax/sketchfab

(Eric Lebegue) #1

Hi everyone,

I'm discovering this product and having some weird issues.

PS : I'm Working with 3Dsmax 2015

I've buid a scene, with many objetcts, backed everything, and all the baked work looks fine under 3dsmax.

But once in sketchfab, almost everithing is fine, but some objetcs textures are all messed up like if they where no textures coordonates...

Here are 2 pictures :



Tried to change :

  • My export method (FBX, DAE, OBJ, Sketchfab exporter),
  • my unwrap method,
  • totally rebuilt objetcts from a scratch

but nothing worked... :confused:

Did this already happened to someone?

(10 hours on this and still stuck :cry: )




Hi there,

I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you post a link to the model so I can have a closer look? (Draft mode is ok)

(Eric Lebegue) #3

Hey James,

Thx for answering.

Here is a basic 2 objects scene.

Made under 3dsmax, edit poly style, rendered with vray, baked with in app unwrapper and render to texture, Exported in FBX with max standards materials, just the baked map in diffuse slot and axis are all the same

Chairs are OK, mapping is conserved from .max => .FBX

Wall... just don't...

Under 3dsmax :

Mapping (flatten mapping sometime do weird things...)

Sketchfab import :

common parameters :

Imported scene :



Hmm strange. Are you using UV settings like Offset / Scale / Rotation?

Have you tried the Exporter plugin?

(Eric Lebegue) #5

No tweeks in uvs, just mapped on map channel 1 with planar / box mapping, and unwrapped on channel 2

here is the same file from sketchfab exporter