Textures not appearing

I’m a new user. Textures not appearing when upload from MeshLab, or directly.

Uploaded model directly from MeshLab is here:


I expect it is an error on my part, but appreciate any help debugging the problem.

Thanks, Pat

Hi Pat,

It looks like you uploaded a PLY file, but no texture to go with it. Typically there should be one or more image files, and you need to upload them all.

I also recommend using the OBJ format instead of PLY. It should be exported from MeshLab with an MTL file and texture image file(s). Uploading them all together should work.

Alternatively, you can upload the texture(s) in 3D Settings:

Thanks James,

I’ll see about trying your tips.

The ODP cloud based software model output includes a folder with lots of files as you can see here:


In MeshLab the .obj file appears with textures applied (at least looks like it).

I am brand new at this, so I’ll give It a try again. I first uploaded directly, then I followed instructions to do so from within MeshLab.

I am also using the free option, so when I tried uploading zipped folder, it exceeded my space limit.

I sure appreciate your suggestions.