Textures not working on Breath of the Wild models


(Hylian Pi) #1

Hello, I'm an admin on Zelda Wiki trying to get some models for the site and was wondering if anyone here understands why textures aren't working on Sketchfab for my Breath of the Wild models. Please keep in mind that I know next to nothing about modeling, I took a crappy intro to 3D graphics class and that's about it. I followed a youtube video to get this far. I put the .obj and .mtl in a zip as instructed on Sketchfab and uploaded it and the texture is perfectly fine in the software, but just doesn't show up here on Sketchfab. This is a problem between me and another person, I use 3ds Max and he uses Maya, and neither of us can seem to get textures working. I viewed Sketchfab's troubleshooting about this and none of the information was helpful. I would really appreciate if someone could help us figure this out.

Simple example: https://skfb.ly/6sUEo

(Bart) #2

Next to .obj and .mtl, you should also upload one or more texture files (.jpg or .png).

(Mrchlblng) #3

@Hylian_pi as Bart said, you should add your textures in the zip you upload. Note that you can still bind textures after upload time by using our editor. I'd also recommend to check our materials & textures guide e.g. for proper texture naming if you want us to automatically bind the textures in the right "slots".

(Hylian Pi) #4

@bartv @mrchlblng EDIT: Thanks! After uploading not only the .mtl but the .png texture and going into the 3D settings and selecting the texture, it works.