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Textures Number limit


(Oliviusdm) #1

Hi Everyone,

I need some help because I can't find anywhere the way to reduce the number of Texture/material.

I'm a matterport user and I try to import obj model extracted from their platform. I always correct them in meshlab to clean and reduce the number of polygon. But i can't find the way to reduce the number of textures. and Sketchfab have a limits of 100 Diff materials. Do you know a way in blender / meshlab or other to recreate the texturing to fit the limit of 100.

I can provide example if needed.

Thks for the help,



Hi Olivier,

Maybe one of the Maters knows a workflow to combine your materials and bake new textures in Blender (I think @shaderbytes @chaitanyak @elbriga @curlscurly all use Blender? )

(Shaderbytes) #3

there is no automated solution i know of, you need to look into texture atlasing. Of coarse atlasing requires moving uv as well.. maybe some automated system exists, i never work with so many so just do it manually :wink:


Cinema 4D has a pretty good feature to combine objects and bake new textures, but it's not free...

That's how I combined and reduced the Cooper Hewitt scans, which were originally many separate objects with their own textures:

(Mrchlblng) #5

As a side note, Sketchfab currently limits the number of materials which is not the same thing as the number of textures (each one of the up to 100 materials may use multiple textures).