Textures showing up black when I upload my models

Hi, I’m having an issue where every time I upload one of my models the textures upload fine but one of them always shows as black on the model and I can’t even change the color or texture in the material.
here its the shirt https://gyazo.com/f1b901262865c259b1cbcaf17a21f715
on this model it’s the boots https://gyazo.com/95da113d6d1f5284be218879bb3f69cb
I’ve tried assigning a different material/texture in Maya but nothing is working. Deleting the history did not work either. I even tried reversing the mesh.

Looks like you just need to disable Vertex Colors in 3D settings (see screenshot).

I see this issue regularly in Maya and 3ds Max models. My guess is that some kind of grouping or something is encoded as vertex colors for some reason and that ends up being preserved in the FBX.

I have no idea why, but maybe there’s a setting hidden somewhere that I haven’t been able to find yet.