Texturing Issue

I modeled a fan in Blender and I used a mix shader to mix two textures to create the I/O of the fan. But when I try to upload the model in sketchfab it is not working, Does anyone know any solution to this problem?

Node System

Texture Issue

We only support the BSFD shader, no node networks, sorry.

Is there any way to achieve the blender result?

its possible, you need to bake the multiple textures into one single diffuse texture.
Then create textures specifically for specular, metallic, and any other properties you are using in blender.

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Hope you don’t mind me saying but from the screenshot of your blender result, it doesnt seem worth doing all this… maybe just create seperated materials… for the i/o ?

Yea that I can do but I also did the same thing for the logo on the front so I just wanted to know if something like this is possible and if it is then how

node networks work differently in different software hence its a pretty complex system to build into a viewer like Sketchfab. what you could look forward to is the blender addon being able to merge it down for you one day, but I think it will be a while.

So right now there is no way I can achieve what I want in sketchfab?

As Chaitanya suggested, you can probably bake the procedural textures into regular texture maps. You can learn more about that here: