The Art and Animation contest on Cartrdge


(Rongolan) #1

Hey all! I wanted to post about a contest we're running on Cartrdge. Themed "Art and Animation," each entry will be from a team of two; one person doing the art, and the other doing the animation (although it's totally cool if each teammate wants to dabble in both). We have some great prizes, including gift cards from us as well software licenses from our awesome sponsors Allegorithmic and SideFX. We've also got an awesome panel of judges, including folks who've worked on The Witness, Firewatch, Duelyst and a bunch of Ubisoft franchises!

For some background, Cartrdge is a portfolio site for creatives in the video game industry. Artists, Game Designers, Animators, Composers; everyone is welcome, and we support all types of media to make sharing work easy for as many creatives as possible - including Sketchfab :smiley:

Hope to see you all in the contest!

(Pierre-Antoine) #2

Hey Ron :slight_smile: