The Art(ifact) of Legion

(Cilegna) #1

A familiar entity has been awakened. Now, the people of Azeroth must unite against the the newly awakened threat.

Get yourselves ready, Champions of Azeroth. Steel yourself and wield Warcraft's most legendary artifacts.

Extinction is imminent.

(Michael Calvert) #2

Interesting. What will the scene look like?

(Cilegna) #3

It'll be a scene that comprises of Warcraft's most legendary weapons lined up, ready to be taken up by the Champions of Azeroth!

(Michael Calvert) #4

Nice. Sounds epic. Looking forward to your sketches.

(Cilegna) #5

Rough Concept right now, but the flow of the map will be as followed. The tiny details are subject to changes. Will work on the 3D blockout now!

(Cilegna) #6

Basic block out is done! Of course there will be more details but right now this block out is a good place for me to start exaggerating and breaking off parts.


This will be awesome to explore, can't wait!

(Cilegna) #8

Been rather busy nowdays with school work so I can barely scrap up time to work on this but I'll definitely try my best! Modelling and AO baking for Doomhammer is done for now and I shall get to modelling the rest of the Artifacts soon!

(Cilegna) #9

Managed to do some work today! I present AshBringer!
There's normal maps applied for the fun of it but I think I'm not going to do normal maps in the final submission, we'll see :slight_smile:

(Cilegna) #10


(Cilegna) #11

Well, here you go. :slight_smile:

(Cilegna) #12

Behold the all mighty twin blade, Shalamayne!

(Cilegna) #13

Well, it took a while to make progress!!!

(Cilegna) #14

FInally got around to texturing!

(Cilegna) #15

Man time sure flies!

(Bart) #16

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Cilegna) #17

Progress has been rather slow lately, the deadline for my other project is coming up as well. Been working on a few tileable textures to smooth out my workflow!

(Cilegna) #18

Another to add to the collection!

(Cilegna) #19

Since the deadline is coming up, I'll post up the sketchfab scene WIP. It'll keep updating this one until it's done then change the tag to final!

Final Scene uploaded :slight_smile: