The best wordpress themes to use with sketchfab embeds?

(Miekeroth) #1

Hi all,

I am using my current theme for a year now and although I am happy with it, I have the vague feeling that there better themes out there to use with a complete 3d/sketchfab based portfolio and blog. I must admit that as of yet I don't use the sketchfab portfolio to its full possibilities, but I also would like to have them on my own site as well.

Which themes do you like and why?

(Bart) #2

Hi Mieke,

interesting question :smile: I haven't heard of any portfolio themes that were built especially for Sketchfab, although it's easy enough to add Sketchfab support to WordPress blogs.

Here's a quick tip with some more information. I'm aware it doesn't answer your question, but maybe it can get you started:

(Timeless3d) #3

Cool plugins bartv! I''l have to check those out.

Miekeroth, what's your website? I'm a wordpress designer, I'd be happy to point you into the right direction in reguards to themes.

(Miekeroth) #4

yes, I already have a lot of embeds of course. But having this in the same tread might help somebody else.

(Miekeroth) #5

hi! that would be cool! My website is:


(Timeless3d) #6

Cool, one of my favorite themes is borderlands:

I've set that up for a few clients, most recently

In terms of specifically showcasing sketchfab, you could look at wordpress themes meant for showcasing youtube video embeds or any other media utilizing iframes, since wordpress will generally treat them the same way.

I checked out your website, pretty cool anatomy work! If you don't like the automatic text generated with the embed, you can get rid of it by delete everything underneath "< / iframe >", I personally think it's a bit redundant.
Also I would recommending using lower poly sketchfab models, since the first time I loaded one my browser's plugin crashed.