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The Blood Altar of Mardum, the Shattered Abyss

(Twisterpt) #1

The Burning legion is back and more power full than ever, the demon hunters need to get stronger to help fight back this evil force and save the world of azeroth.
The Blood Altar of Mardum, the Shattered Abyss allows the Demons Hunters to embed their weapons with strong fell magic from demons fell blood into their weapons.

(Michael Calvert) #2

Great start!


Love the sketches! Can't wait to see it unfold more!

(Twisterpt) #4

Sculpt some rocks and worked on the spikes, now to retopology the rock and start working on the center altar.

by twisterpt
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(Twisterpt) #5

Did a quick paint over what I already have and started thinking about the colors and what I should add to make the scene more interesting.


(Twisterpt) #6

Here's a small update as soon as I have little bit more and the spike refined I will post a Skecthfab

(Bart) #7

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Twisterpt) #8

Has been some days since I lasted update, every thing is start to come together but it still needs lot of work.

(Twisterpt) #9

Here's my final entry, it's not the best but it was a good learning experience :smiley: