The Burning Womb

(Tyronealarcon) #1

Hey All! Glad to see awesome fellow artists culminating great ideas and art pieces for this contest... I definitely didn't want to miss this opportunity!

For my topic, which was hinted on the title of my submission topic page, is the birthplace (womb) of the Burning Legion. The Legion Army didn’t just magically emerge out of thin air, I would imagine, so then my narrative and idea for this contest is to base a scenario of that main idea… the birthing of the Legion Army. The idea is both a sacrificial altar (for the poor souls of the various races in the WoW universe) and at the same time the birthing of the Legion army from the life-force siphoned from the above races. This whole concept idea will be depicted in a scene of the actual ritual taking place and will be in parts as the following:

1) There will be a central Fel-type amniotic fluid pool altar for the Legion army to emerge from.
2) Sacrificial chamber/crystal prison of the unfortunate souls entrapped for the sacrificial ritual.
3) The cloaked Dark Legion Magi's or Gul’dan's followers enchanting the ritual.
4) x2 Behemoth Fel-Pool Demon Guardians of the Altar.
5) The Arch-Demoness empowering the birthing and emergence of the Legion Army (via) Fel Magic of the sort.
6) The Actual Birth of the Legion Demon emerging from the amniotic Fel-pool.
7) The environment consisting of the above elements with Legion style model-textural details of the labyrinth/altar/sacrificial-chamber/supporting cast, etc.
8) Additional details for the above scenarios (skulls ~ lots of skulls/Lighting/Ancient Legion scripts/scrolls/the burning pit below the altar/etc.)

Timeline | Milestone’s to hit before deadline
Lore research, concept/ideation phase, and reference gathering (Current-8/7)
Sketch/Painting of concepts/model-block in’s (Current-8/10)
Modeling & sculpt phase of designs (8/10-8/15)
Final Texture & Presentation (8/15-Deadline 8/22)

(All fingers crossed as the above project is a bit much for the short time-frame I have to tackle this… up next will be the sketch/paint overs of the ideation and concepts!)

Sorry for the very rough idea sketches... this was a quick jot-down of the ideas as they came flooding in my head while taking my kids to a field trip at the Zoo =)

Initial Update

Legion Lore References

Idea-Thumb paint sketch & initial Block-In

Programs & Tools utilized

Sketchbook & Pen/Pencil
3ds Max or Maya
Pixologic Z-Brush
And of course… Sketchfabulous!

(Michael Calvert) #2

This looks rad, looking forward to more updates.

(Bart) #3

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.