The Candy House

(Gy Zero) #1

so ... I I have just been informed that i can post wip in here :smiley:

i will keep working until its finished.

Candy House WIP by gy_zero on Sketchfab

(Gy Zero) #2

here are some of the references for the building

here are some of the materials i have been thinking
I will start to work on normal map tomorrow

(Gy Zero) #3

add some normal and ao ~

now fixing the seams

(Gy Zero) #4

update ... trying to texture waffle like waffle :scream:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #5

To strong AO on this waffle mat, I know is to early to say but I will go with baked SSS on this and remove glossy and spec.

(Gy Zero) #6

@KrzysztofZwolinski i thought sss is the shader effect that cant be baked ?

(Gy Zero) #7

the basic textures are here ... now im going to improve more ~

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #8

Yes you cant bake something that is light/view dependent but you can use Fake SSS trick to bake the simplest word inverted AO :wink: and use this instead. So you end up with brighten spots instead the shadow ones like now .

edit: some ppl use 2 meshes one with base texture and material but 80% transparent and put second one with this invert AO inside and use it like emit but I never use this.

(Gy Zero) #9

Candy House WIP by gy_zero on Sketchfab

mostly done .
its all here :smile:
enjoy ~

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #10

Looks Very nice Good job :wink:. It remind me my christmas card from past years PostCard2013

(Simon Kratz) #11

This is coming along really nice! :smile:
Will you add some baked lighting?

(Gy Zero) #12

i already add them .... :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe not that obvious Hmm ~~

(Simon Kratz) #13

I just checked the shadeless view and I think you could go for a bit more :smiley:
Especially where objects intersect I think it could help to make the individual elements feel more connected.

You could even think about baaking or painting bounces of light if your scene contains glowing objects.
But these are just suggestions of course, I think the overall feel of the scene is really charming already :smile:

(Gy Zero) #14

@essimoon , you totally point out my dead spot .. ouch !! :stuck_out_tongue:

I bake the light map object by object
(basically its green channel of bent normal map, highpoly to low poly )..
and then paint a little bit shadow on top of it...

so if i did not notice the shadow between objects, it will look like the way you point out.

i should bake the whole thing once, I guess its the correct way to do it,
but dealing with the artifacts is extremely annoying ( and time consuming ).

Any good tutorial of baking light map ? especially for multiple objects.
My method is too ... simple ... i guess ...

Anyway .. i will try to fix them in the future. now I am stuck with the other portfolio pieces,
and i have to finish it before GDC ......

(Simon Kratz) #15

Oh yes, I see! I use this process a lot, too so I'm aware of how tricky it is to do :smile:

I don't have a specific tutorial at hand but I regularly use the default AO bake in blender with all objects assembled and layer it with multiply blending mode into my diffuse/albedo maps.
Not sure if it's "correct" but it always gives cool results :smile:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #16

I use more samples in AO then default seting when use internal 9-12 Approximated, and distance you set to the dimension of some object. Default distance is 10(m) so if your house is 1m you get too much AO in complex scenes I pick some middle size object and set its X as distance for AO.
You get better light results in Cycles but baking in Cycles is very hard work,...... or not if you have 5x Nvidia Tesla and too much time :wink:.

(Gy Zero) #17

i used xnormal baking on this project .... and i will try substance painter baking in the future ... i recently heard there is a way to do the batch baking.. pretty attempting.

I did some ao baking fix . hope it helps ~
(the new substance painter map baking works well )