The colors in the saved view are inverted, what's happening?

(French Baguette) #1

Actually, they are not inverted, but the effect looks very similar.
Here's what the saved view image looks like:

Here's what it looks like in the actual viewer:

I noticed that if a save the view before the textures are done loading, then it looks normal. So, what the hell is going on?

(EDIT): i managed to snag a picture with the correct colors somehow, just by spam clicking. I can see no rhyme or reason behind when it gets the color right and when it doesn't.

Here's a link to the model, in case you need it:


Hmm that's weird. What OS and browser were you using?

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Opera browser on Windows 10.

(Wns Studio) #4

Hello, I seem to be having the same problem on some models for a client. It started yesterday, i'm using Chrome on windows 10.

The saved view :

The scene :

I'm trying the "spam method" described above :slight_smile: so far it's not working...

Here's the scene :

Hotte murale Boréal 90 cm - Inox
by Luisina
on Sketchfab

Any ideas ?

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Well, the most reliable method of getting a good save, i found, was to snap a pic right before the last texture is loaded. Or the last post pros effect, whatever it is that loads last.

(Wns Studio) #6

Thanks, that worked great ! It's still a problem though...
I'll see if it happens on other models in the future.

Thanks again !

(Jhs) #7

I got the same problem for some time with only this model, windows 7 via firefox:

the model:

the preview:


We have a fix coming soon!

(Jhs) #9

In my case it was only caused by the grain post-filter. As soon i switched it off, the preview is fine.