The demon is free! [COMPLETE]

(Matheusoliveira) #1

Hi guys,
it is an honor to participate in the contest along with several creative artists, I confess I know little of WOW, but I want to try to participate and show some of my art, I know Ilidam will be released by Gul'dan, so I'll make stone where he was imprisoned, but with a different style, half broken, after release, I hope you understand, soon want to post my WIP, good luck to all and if anyone has tips or suggestions, please, feel the will to comment Thanks.

(Michael Calvert) #2

Check out this youtube channel, he talks a lot about lore:

(Matheusoliveira) #3

Ok Michael, I'll take a look, thanks


That's awesome that you're still challenging yourself! Interested to see you're interpretation of it!

(Matheusoliveira) #5

Thank soon I will post here :smiley:

(Matheusoliveira) #6

I started modeling, following the forms, but basically the scene is that with many details of painting and modeling :blush: #wowlegion-wip #wow

(Bart) #7

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Matheusoliveira) #8

Hey Guys

I changed some things in model, andI started painting, I want to put some more details on modeling and paint, i hope finish the art, thanks! #wowlegion-wip #wow

(Matheusoliveira) #9

Hey Guys

I started paint the crystal where Ilidan is arrested, i go add detail of moment that Ilidam get out the crystal, as if destroying the place...i hope finish the deadline.#wowlegion-wip #wow


(Matheusoliveira) #11

Hello guys, I finished my art, but I can not post here in the forum =/

Hey @bartv Can you help me?
You can see my art? I put the tag "wowlegion-final" and when I click, I can not see in the gallery. Thanks.

(Bart) #12

I'm not sure why the embed is not showing; was it private perhaps when you first tried?

There's currently an issue with our tag galleries; the 'load more' button will show the wrong entries. To access all entries, please use the following links:

(Matheusoliveira) #13

Okay, all right, thanks Bart :slight_smile: