The Demonic BlackSmith

(Leoluch) #1

Demonic power is very dangerous for every creature in Azeroth. We all knew that. But still, some people are ready to sacrifice all what they have to gain incredible strength of the Burning Legion... Have you heard about Gul'Dan? yes? I was sure about that. And i am sure you have heard about Illidan the Stormrage. Ye, incredible warrior. But do you think demons can only give you this? Only this type of power?.. No, my friend. They are much more cunning and insidious. This story will be not about strength of the Legion. It will be about their knowledge and skills. And one talent person, who now serve to the Burning Legion. Let's go and look how work a craftsman, who sold his soul for all blacksmith knowledge of the world.

(Dark Minaz) #2

that sounds interesting, so the guy called "warCraft" himself :slight_smile:
having a few really nice weapons crafted on the floor with a giant amboss and a furnance would look really cool.
Quite interested in how this will turn out


Really liking the lore put into all of these WIPs! Would love to see character design to, interested in seeing how this plans out!

(Michael Calvert) #4

This sounds neat, looking forward to seeing this come together!

(Leoluch) #5

Thx for your feedback. I really happy that you liked my intro :slight_smile: Now the most important part create good scekts from ideas in my head and start to blocking this.

(Leoluch) #6


Blueprint from one of our scout. What does that mean? That mean that Legion is coming. And they need weapons, a lot of weapons... Regular blacksmith can't do something like this. Most talented dwarfs of Ironforge created great manufacturing, which can proved weapons for all Alliance, but it's not ever near to manufacturing abilities of the Legion...

(Leoluch) #7

Blocking done. Now i just need to sculpt a lot :smiley: And create all this elements in demon type style

(Michael Calvert) #8

This is looking good =)


Very cool! Love the planning.

(Leoluch) #10

First high poly incoming! Legion's Conveyor . Only for very important demons :wink: . I hope to texture it today and enter new ones in my scene

(Leoluch) #11


Okey. Here it's ! Still need a bit of work - it's after substance painter, but i prefer to add some hand paint in 3d coat and fix normal maps and AO in 3d coat + photoshop. But i like main idea.

I don't know how to add 3d model from sketfab preview :frowning: So only link if you want to see 3d.

WoW legion Contest - demonic conveyor
by Leoluch
on Sketchfab

(Leoluch) #12

Okey, final one looking a little bit better,
I will be happy for some recommendations and tips :slight_smile:

(Leoluch) #13


"Bah! You need thousands of swords at end of the week! " - blacksmith said in surprise. "Yes..." - Rough and deep demonic voice answered to a dwarf. "And not just similar one - we need felswords, which Legion can use against this "Heroes of Azeroth" . After years of battles in Outland we can't just use old stuff - there are not good enough. Legion want from you a lot of great weapons. Or you will die. I hope you still remember that we know how to torture souls ?

"Yes" - answered the dwarf. All this words were not important for Blacksmith. No. All his thoughts was in technology. How to create so many weapons in such a short time?

"Foundry?" - demon have never heard about something like this. "Yes! With this demon knowledge I i can create more than thousands swords in one day. Take a look! " - after this words dwarf showed strange metallic form to a demon. On both edges were skulls which played role of a lock and connected two part of the forms. Forms where created from special felsteel, which were nearly impossible to melt.
"See? You just need to pour liquid metal in this hole and sword will be ready in a few hours!"
"SO long?" - demon was not very satisfied
"Only for now. When we will build frost chamber we will reduce time to a minutes! " - dwarf was very happy with fact of using demonic technology.
"Take all what you want, Blacksmith. Legion want this foundry. And Legion want his swords. Do all what you need" ...

(Leoluch) #14

First stage of manufacturing. Again - i need a lot of work in 3d coat and photoshop on form, but blocking looking good enough. I hope :slight_smile: I need to fix forms today and start work on floor and casting ladle tomorrow.

(Leoluch) #15

Created tileable texture today

(Leoluch) #16

Started work on ladle today. It's steel need a lot of work on textures, but final form looking interesting. I think to change a color scheme a little bit- change green color on purple one.

(Phaedrus) #17

this looks amazing cant wait to see more :slight_smile:

(Leoluch) #18

Thx! There are so many assets which i have to do, so i hope i will not lose my inspiration and speed of modeling :slight_smile:
All your feed is very helpful for me

(Chris Sidgwick) #19

Really keeping up the speed with this dude, its looking really impressive! I do think the floor seems very vibrant for a blacksmith though!, Maybe experiment with a stone floor and compare the two?

(Leoluch) #20

Yeap, good idea. Mb i will use stone texture or dust texture with overlay/soft light/multyply in photoshop. I use vertex paint mask in UE4 for such effect, but i don't know how to do something like this in sketchfab model.