The dropdown menu for animations disappeared on mobile devices


(Hyotan) #1

The dropdown menu for animations disappeared on mobile devices. I tested it on 3 phones with Android and 1 with iOs. However, some weeks ago it was working just fine.
What happened? Was this feature removed for mobile phones or is it just a bug? It’s annoying for models with more than 1 animation, since you can only view the default one.


(Arthur Jamain) #2

This is a bug, thank you for reporting it. We will address it asap.

(Arthur Jamain) #3

Hey again,

After checking that model, I’ve realised that it only contains a single animation, hence why the “next” arrow that replaces the animation controls on smaller screens doesn’t appear. If you view another model with more animations, it should appear. Does that address your issue properly ?


– Arthur J

(Hyotan) #4

Hello. Thank you for your time.
I can now see “next” arrow and it’s working fine. However the dropdown menu with animation names is still missing. I used that feature some weeks ago on an Iphone 7, but now I can’t.

Tested on this model and a few more with multiple animations: