The Dystopian Apartment in Equals?


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this is my first attempt in Sketchfab contest!! I am hoping for multiple submission too! my first try is this interior set from the sci-fi romance Equals... You can see test render in blender, at sampling rate of 1000 in cycles, it took more than an hour!! thats why i wanna test out the realtime PBR implementation!!


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A new movie! This will be exciting to play around with for the lighting. Have fun!

(Twitte King) #3

true the limited light and full body tall windows are a bit challenging!!:slight_smile:

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Now i am thinking of doing multiple rooms accessible thru a corridor, each room depicting different config in the movie!!


Show WIPs! Would love to see a sketch of this idea!

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an early sktech i did just to map out the layout

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I also modeled this in blender quickly as it will be used in the screen within the room