The Emperor's Stolen Jewel [FINAL] - COMPLETED


(Skywalkermc) #1

Currently working on a large scale mystery map project. Here is the initial scene:

(Bart) #2

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(Skywalkermc) #3

The Emperor’s Stolen Jewel

Submission for the Minecraft Mystery Community Contest

My goal of this project was to use the unique Sketfab viewing perspective to give a 3-D “pop-up book” experience, almost as if you were holding it your hands and reading the story aloud. For the design, I wanted to create something that was truly and distinctly Minecraft that could be explored outside the main story. To achieve this, my goal was to combine functionality and art into one single piece.
I Hope You Enjoy! -Skywalker

If you have any question about the project please leave a comment.

Also share who you think stole the jewel and any proof you find!