The Exorcist - Levitation Scene

(Baltazo) #1

Hello everyone!

I will give a shot at this contest by recreating the levitation scene in the original movie The Exorcist!

Here's an image from the scene :

I will post some WIPs as soon as I can!

Good luck y'all!

(Baltazo) #2

A quick blockout of the scene just to get a feel of the scale.

(Baltazo) #3

At this point, I put in most of the furniture without too much detail. The next step will be to add the sheets, pillow and handles on the drawers. After that I will add the characters!

(Baltazo) #4

Quick render after a bit of work on the base of the bed... Still much to do!


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Iconic! Loving the WIPs already, awesome detail on the bed.

(Baltazo) #6

Thanks @c0re !

Here is another model! I basically imported my whole scene. I have some more details modeled in and some placeholder characters.

The old priest is almost done! No texturing yet but it's on its way.

(Baltazo) #7

Taking a break from the characters to add some more details and play with the lighting.

Here's a quick render :

(Baltazo) #8

Here's an updated version! I played around with some textures and tried to get the VR working!

(Baltazo) #9

At this point, I am testing the textures and baking the lighting to get more realistic shadows. I am also trying to get good performance on VR which is a challenge.

(Baltazo) #10

Putting the finishing touches on the scene. Pretty much finished baking the textures, and added a guest that is always hidden in the movie :wink:


Creepy, love it! Maybe the "guest" could be more hidden or transparent, to add more to creepy-factor?

(Baltazo) #12

Thanks! I will probably be working on it until the last minute!

(Baltazo) #13

There is my entry for the Contest!

I tried to make it as accessible to VR as possible so that it could also work on mobile devices (like my cardboard...) and not only on high-end headsets.