The Fall of Blackbeak Overlook {FINISHED}

(Ally Albon) #1

Funnily enough, I just rejoined Warcraft a week or so ago and was totally blown away by the new textures etc - I haven't played since before Pandaria!

I am a little rusty on Fel lore, but I have been agonizing over how gorgeous the new screenshots look. In particular, I really liked the area of Blackbeak Overlook and the gorgeous huge statues and thought how awesome it would look if they were beaten up and taken over by the Fel as a sign of dominance. A corrupted drake watches over the remains, mostly because I have been itching to model a dragon recently! There will be signs of the epic struggle at the base of the remaining mountain - skeletons and weaponry, and prizes that the drake has brought back for himself.

Tomorrow - block in, and practice making Wow-esque textures.

(Michael Calvert) #2

This is a great start.

(Ally Albon) #3

The roughest rough out that ever roughed. Scale seems a bit off atm, should resolve with texture. Still deciding if I am going to make this more of a sculpture, or more like ingame assets.

(Ally Albon) #4

Have had a bit of an art block which has been terribly inconvenient seeing as there is a pretty tight deadline... still, got these rocks finished tonight!

(Liemnguyenart) #5

drawing over your 3d concept can help! or drawing over what you have done can give you new ideas to go forward with stuff that is already completed.

(Ally Albon) #6

@Liemnguyenart thanks for that! In the end, it was coffee and the realisation that time is ticking that got me moving...

Statue is finished - this is a small test scene with the rock assets to make sure colours etc are similar and work together. The bulk of the mountain is done and should be finished up tomorrow!

Wow Competition Entry Test
by AllyAlbon
on Sketchfab

(Liemnguyenart) #7

wow awesome progress!, were these from a sculpt. I am wondering what method you use because they look so good! If it was painted that's amazing too!

(Ally Albon) #8

Hi hi! - Low poly built in 3DSM, sculpted over in Zbrush and then used the normal map as a guide to paint over with 3d coat. I love 3d Coat...

(Liemnguyenart) #9

was the normal bake in zbrush?

(Ally Albon) #10


(Ally Albon) #11

Basic shape for the rock formation. Hard to tell scale yet, but I will be texturing and then adding some spaceholders today which should lock it down.

I can't seem to see the embedded Sketchfab model above, just a text link - can anyone advise what I need to do to fix it?!


Love the sketches and models! I like how your style comes through in these little details. Can't wait to see more!

(Bart) #13

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Ally Albon) #14

@c0re - thank you! I'm trying hard to make it look more "Warcraft" and less "Me" but its surprisingly hard! Textures should help with that...

So I zoned out a little last night while listening to music and got a bit too intense with the details on the rocks, however I still like it so it will stay for now - if I get time (harhar) I will probably do another pass. The ground area and the underside rocks are going to be utilising tiling textures which will come a bit later.

(Ally Albon) #15

Spent yesterday doing a lot of asset blocking so not much to show, but I liked this screenshot with the little dude for scale. Working on the trees today and hopefully then dragon blocking

(Ally Albon) #16

Ok, finally catching up to schedule! Much happier with progress over the weekend. I think the tree branches should be reworked but I doubt I will have time... I did however get time to build all of the assets other than the Feldragon, and am now texturing them. Feldragon got a very, very quick pass this afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow - more work on the dragon and tiling textures for the ground. Tick tock, tick tock!

(Ally Albon) #17

Yesterday was both a productive, and highly frustrating day!

The grass was simple to make, hard to implement. I thought it would be sensible to make a tiling texture, however when applying to a single object rather than in engine, it got a lot more complicated. Had tessellation and scale/quality issues shrinking the texture to fit the world has made it blurrier than I expected. In the end, this is what I have and that's how it is staying :wink: I also made a stone pathway but the resolution was terrible at this scale, so it has been placed on the Nope pile.

I have never worked with such luminous colours before and was a bit worried at making it look good. It is surprisingly therapeutic to paint with luminous green.

Today: Finishing some of the textures, working on the dragon, and making the base a bit more interesting.

(Ally Albon) #18

Because I have obviously gone insane, I have decided to do a full (if quick!) sculpt of the FelDragon before posing him. Also, I thought entry finished at midnight Sunday, so technically I have gained an extra day to work on him? That's how I am looking at it, anyway...

(Ally Albon) #19

Kodo skeletons for nostalgia's sake! Also going to make Alliance human skull and possibly a deer or Tauren.. Hungry Feldragon isn't picky.
Finished the chains today, worked on the skeletons, made some plants and also roughed in a firm shape for the dragon. Should finish the skeletons completely today. Tomorrow - more work on the dragon, get more plants in, finish the wall texture and hopefully the floating stones around the mountain.

I don't think I will have time to add broken weapons and shields etc as I thought before time is up, but we will see how tomorrow goes!

(Ally Albon) #20

Sigh, so I lost most of yesterday between having the local grid turned off for "10 minutes" and then having to do real life things.... but should be able to catch up today. Guessing there is going to be a lot of coffee required over the weekend.

Decided to upload the base model to Sketchfab just for funsies - I really like the DoF feature!