The giant behemoth: Gargantuan

(G Raptor9001) #1

This is a spur of the moment idea I had to make sure I held onto so I could draw it the moment I had the chance. Hopefully I'll be able to model the small details I'm planning, but for now I'll just have to finish this behemoth.

I'll also be working on it here:

(G Raptor9001) #2

I tend to go overboard with ideas trying to make them absolute invincible contraptions, so I'm wondering if anyone thinks whether I should keep the AA guns and planned missile launcher in the back for invincibility, or leave it all to the science surprise the Gargantuan has in store.

TL;DR Science weapons or also boom weapons for extra invincibility?

(G Raptor9001) #3

Garguantuan by Gerardo Reyes on Sketchfab

I tried my best to do it as fast as possible before the date, but this is definitely something I'll have to come back to in order to do it justice.

(Edvin Borkovskij) #4

The big guy from your drawing reminds me of Geb from smite. Coincedence? :smiley:

(G Raptor9001) #5

Absolutely, polish_farmer's Hedgehog Island Laboratory inspired me first (the whole giant floating island thing perked my interest). Only after I had started drawing him did I realize it looked like Geb. By the way, he was my main for quite a while.

(Edvin Borkovskij) #6

Mine too. I have recently started playing Smite. I had a hard time playing with him. :smiley: