The Hateful Eight & Edward Scissorhands 3D scans

(Patrick ) #1

I've started to make 3D scans from movies. So far i've done The Hateful Eight and Edward Scissorhands. I'll be trying to make a model from Beetlejuice next.

If anyone knows a good movie for a model let me know!

edit: can't seem to get the embed to work if anyone knows why

Edward Scissorhands, Edward's Bed
by patrick-
on Sketchfab

The Hateful Eight - Major Warren & Chris Mannix
by patrick-
on Sketchfab

(Elbriga) #2

Oh my! That's amazing! Are the frames from the movie really enough for the scan?

(Patrick ) #3

Yep, those are made solely with frames from the movie put into Photoscan. The hardest part is finding just the right scene. The Hateful Eight one worked well because both characters are almost entirely still in the scene, and the camera pans out and up just enough.

(Nestor F. Marques) #4

Congrats @patrick, that's a great use of photogrammetry! And if the hard part is to watch a lot of movies searching for the perfect scene... I'm in :grin:

(theStoff) #5

wow that is impressive work!

(Patrick ) #6

Thanks a lot. Haha yeah, i've been enjoying watching a ton of movies to find the clips.

(Patrick ) #7

Thank you!

(Dark Minaz) #8

are you just interested in movies?
if not you could do some charakters from tv series, a lot of them have quite the huge amount of runtime that you could use.
(sherlock as example)

only movies that pop into my head with a spinning camera would be anything from mr explosion bay transformers man

edit: but great idea, didn't even think of that.

(Saphires) #9

Awesome idea with the movie screenshots, you should do the famous Matrix shot, got a nice 360° view there! :smiley:

(Patrick ) #10

Thanks! I was trying to figure out which directors used spinning shots like that, I think Armageddon could have some potentially good clips to use. Ill have to give it a watch.

Im interested in doing non-movies too, Ive been trying to make a model from Always Sunny in Philadephia, but havent been able to yet.

(Patrick ) #11

That was the first model that I tried to make! That scene gave me the idea to try and make models from movie scenes. Unfortunately Neo moves a bit too much in that scene and the bullets flying past him create too much noise, so Agisoft Photoscan wasn't able to understand the photo set.

I tried for a while to make a model from the first Matrix movie but I couldnt make anything worthwhile. I might have to check out Matrix 2 & 3 and see whats there.

(Saphires) #12

Ah I see, that's a pity. I didn't remember him moving so much in the shot, but you're right of course.
I'm trying to come up with other 360° shots, but right now my brain is empty hehe

(Chaitanyak) #13

great to see this here @patrick !!

you can also look at
-Swordfish (explosion scene)
-Lord of The Rings (aerial mountain shots from the first movie)
-Vertical Limit (aerial mountain shots)
-Superman Returns – Bullet vs Superman's eye
-fight club - gory scene with a bullet in his cheek
-Most pirate or naval movies usually have a helicopter 360 shot of a ship..though the movement of the waves will be an issue :smile: so ideally take a shot of someone standing on the deck.. :smile:
- Black Hawk Down.. think it had a 360 shot somewhere of the helicopter

Anyway, looking forward to more of this!

(Patrick ) #14

Nice! Thanks for the list, i'll check out all of those