The Hunt for Red October


(Doc Blender) #1

Hi to all. I'm new on Sketchfab so be friendly. :slight_smile: I wanted to join to sketchfab before but this contest it's the perfect opportunity to start here.

The film that I choose it's one of my favorite films: The Hunt for Red October. I like the book and I like the film. I will make the scene in that Jack Ryan has to choose what order follows: the orders from Soviet Captain (Sean Connery) or from American Captain (Scott Glenn). All of this while a torpedo is going against them.

This is the scene

(Doc Blender) #2

Here it's the first version of the Red October's command room:

(Mhazani) #3

Welcome - I'm new here as well!

Looks great so far. In edit mode you can "Save view" from the interior so that that's the default view of anyone checking out your model - if that's something you'd want:)

Good luck - it's a great movie!

(Doc Blender) #4

Hi and thanks for the tip, it's very useful. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @mhazani for helping out. An intense scene, can't wait to see where this goes!

(Doc Blender) #7

I've added some things to the command room. Wires, supports, periscopes... It starts to seem like a submarine.

Next step: Machines and furniture.

(Doc Blender) #8

I've created all interior machines and furniture. These are the controls of the submarine.

Next step: Join all and make materials.

(Doc Blender) #9

I'm starting with materials. It's looks great.

Find the seven differences between film and model :slight_smile:

(Doc Blender) #10

Machines and furniture with materials. It looks better.

(Doc Blender) #11

I've uploaded the final version of my model for the contest. You can see here.