The Inventor's Daughter Progress Thread

(Bryantenorio) #1

I decided that I want to go with a female steampunk character. She is going to be the daughter of of a late inventor. Since her father's death she decided to continue his legacy of crazy inventions. For now I am doing concept art.

(Theedstar1) #2

Oh Ma goodness these are looking so badass can't wait to see this work of art nice sketches i must add

(Bart) #3

Welcome on board! Very cool sketch.

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PS: I wasn't entirely clear in the blogpost, but the #mad-science-wip tag was meant for the model uploads and not for the forum posts. You can remove it if you want :smile:

(Bryantenorio) #4

Thanks guys! This is the first time that I am putting in more effort into the concept before jumping into 3D. I'm actually undecided yet if I should keep working on this drawing, or if I should start sculpting her, and go from there.

(Theedstar1) #5

I would say maybe make sure your happy with your sketch because from there it'll be smooth sailing
but looking good now i really am getting super excited about this project

(Bryantenorio) #6

I decided to jump into 3D. I don't know if I want to sculpt everything out as one piece, and then retopo, or if I should use different pieces while sculpting.

Inventor's Daughter #mad-science-wip by bryantenorio on Sketchfab

(Theedstar1) #7

Ha ha ha ha ha ha here we go !

(Bryantenorio) #8

Ok. So I am considering dropping out of the contest, so that I can work on more concept art, and then start her over the right way. I've been going through a lot of personal stuff the past month, and I noticed a couple of themes.

One being that I am not a very patient person. I believe this negatively impacts my art, as I jumped into 3D WAY too soon when I only had a single concept image that I was going off of. I haven't even nailed down her design (much less her backside) so I was really struggling with the modeling.

I'm good at modeling if I have a plan. Only, I didn't have a good enough plan.

Another thing I recently came to the conclusion is that I have not been having fun with art lately. I work a shitty retail job while I attempt to do this for a living, and I feel that every piece I do has to be amazing, and to be the one to get me the life I want. I think this puts too much pressure on me, and thus I get really frustrated. This mixed with my impatience I think holds me back a lot.

I really like the idea for this contest, and I really like the character that I started to create. I just think that I need to take a step back, do things for fun with no expectations, and then I can get back on creating this character on my own time.

I want to thank SketchFab for hosting this contest. I wish I could continue, but I don't think I can right now. Maybe the next contest I will do.

Or, maybe if I feel inspired, I will pull something out before the deadline for this. That would be really cool! I just don't want to stress myself out too much, as I need to remember why I started doing art and 3D in the first place so many years ago. Because its fun!

I still look forward to seeing everyone elses entries!