The Iron Giant by Warner Bros

(Sazem) #1

Ok, Im going to join the contest. I was first was going to make Ghibli Spirited Away train scene but I noticed Fungoose had same idea, so I wanted to make something different to have more variation on the contest.

Im not so good at 3d, so I definitely had to pick animated film.. Really dont have the time to learn photorealistic scene now. So I picked Iron Giant as the movie. Also I would really like to practice more the "painterly" style. Which scene from the movie, im not so sure yet. As a car guy, I was thinking the junkyard part. Anyway i`m open for ideas?

Some inspirational references:

(Dark Minaz) #2

my fav scene was this one

but that would be way to much work, but i think it had quite a lot of nice little ambience scenes you could do, putting the viewer in the perspective of the kid in his hand for example :slight_smile:

(Sazem) #3

Thats really nice scene. Its true that probably has too much work. :smiley: those hand scenes are really nice, might actually pick one. What I watched from the refences, those forest scenes has really good ambient and colors! I might choose one of those. Would be nice to paint those forest in background. I really have to watch the movie again :smiley:

Here is the Giant`s head wip in Blender.

(Sazem) #4

More wip.. slowly but surely the robot is coming along. Later tonight I will paint some backgrounds with Krita. I dedicated to make forest scene where the Hogart talks with the Giant first time. :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #5

Mmm I cant think that I have seen this movie.. Good start on your robot. A tip for working in 3D , always block out the basic shapes before doing detailing. :wink:

I will have to see this movie now :wink:

(Bart) #6

Welcome on board! I've just added one month of free Sketchfab PRO to your account. You will now be able to upload larger models, use more annotations and more - here's more information.

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Awesome selection, did you see Tim Vizeshi's interpretation of this scene?

(Sazem) #7

Shaderbytes, thanks thats a good tip! I think I got too carried away first. Its harded to fix the problems afterwards :smiley: I like the movie. Espicially when its based on fifties, which has so cool stuff too. So definitely go check it out!

Bartv, I think I saw that cool scene like a year ago but totally forgot it. Its really cool one! Thanks.

Today I continued on the torso and started to make really sketchy tree at first. I was thinking if I really spend my time on these painterly trees. I might latery use them in Unity, maybe even sell them at asset store? :smiley: Anyway the Blender is just awsome. I love digital painting and its so cool that u can just paint over in the 3d view...

(Sazem) #8

Robot coming along bit by bit. Im actually glad that I took this movie because I really like epicness and while watching the movie you can tell that robot is huge. But now when you are making 3d of it and comparing it to the boy.. its actually enormous! And I supose that will be even more clear with VR :open_mouth:

(Sazem) #9

Testing out some textures and if im right track on making the scenery..
I think this might work after I get the other trees and the ground done.

(Sazem) #10

Way behind schedule and the deadline is just in a few days! Well.. I dont have time to make the things I originally planned, but atleast I will get something. Lets see what I get done in these days.
Today I finished the robot, UVed it and painted base diffuse into it.

(Sazem) #11

Making some environment models..

(Sazem) #12

Current wip. I dont think I got time to make the boy. Neither animations. Tomorrow I supose I try to make all environment as far as I can and pose the Giant better.

(Sazem) #13

Painting background Trees in Krita and some prop elements.. Also started to make the environment model.
I think the result will be "ok". But there is lots of tweaking and playing with Sketchfab and Blender to get the athmosphere right..

(Dark Minaz) #14

looks pretty nice so far :slight_smile:
as a little tip try playing with the different transparency options in sketchfab, some might give a better result :slight_smile:
but the giant looks nice, missing the head dent (so he would be in destruction mode) but thats just a minor detail

(Chaitanyak) #15

i like how this movie has only started getting the attention it deserves now after all these years!
excellent scene selection :slight_smile:

(Sazem) #16

Thanks guys for the comment!
@dark_minaz hah! you got sharp eye and noticed I left the bump out. I was thinking to add this later when I was originally modeling the robot. But then my time ran out and I didnt want re model and uv the head because my really tight time limit.

Ok here it goes! Final result. Im not 100% of happy of it. I wish I could have done better job with the environment but didnt have the skills and time for it. Atleast im very happy, that I did finish it. And I learned alot more of Blender again!

Btw is there a way to set the 1st person controls as default? :smiley:


Beautiful work! Does this answer your question?

(Dark Minaz) #18

the answer is no sadly. You can only set that yourself but not as default for everyone.
But looks cool, i might have given the robot a bit more dynamic pose (bending the knees a bit and the arms not 100% flat) but it looks pretty neat

(Max Cajazeiras) #19

Very nice work!

(Sazem) #20

yeah I was going to rig it and make some better pose but really didnt have time to watch and learn some Blender lessons on youtube on the last hours. I just had to upload it to meet the deadline. And Changing the pose by moving vertex manually might have ended up with more problems :smiley:

Anyway I hope its ok in VR. I dont have the google cardboard or phone anymore. I hope the skycolor works like in the browser. I read somewhere that it might only be gray color in VR? I took away the skybox in the last upload that I had before.. maybe it was a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: