The last defender of Suramar

(Pavel Drokin) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
This is my first Sketchfab project and first involvement in the contest as a whole :slight_smile:
In advance sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

My diorama shows a mini battle between the demons of the Burning Legion and Illidari squad under the leadership of Illidan in the territory of Suramar.
Not in the city, but somewhere on the outskirts :slight_smile:

A little story :slight_smile:
From the portal are constantly emerging demons and surrounding defenders from all sides.
Winter Battle is coming. Illidan standing in front of his soldiers in the midst of the elven village furiously says peq:

"Demons... Spawn of chaos are exuding devouring corrupt, are distorting the nature of the universe. Ruinously and hopelessly are spreading by blossoming worlds like the plague. Causing pain and destruction around what they touch.
Tempting, corrupting and absorbing pliable souls. And even the most bright and clean soul of "Heroes" will sooner or later turn into darkness.

Restless remains of evil are eager to absorb the soul of Dark Titan. Darkness approaching. My brothers and sisters...
Anybody can't escaping from the wrath of burning shadow. No one can stand against all the power of the chaos.

But corrupt cannot desecrate who already corrupted. It can't tempt who already tempted. It can't betray the one who already traitor...
Our time has come! The time when this evil can withstand the only other evil.
The time has come to show our true power! Unleash our pain and anger!
The time has come for revenge!

Unleash your wrath of doom!... Upon all who would oppose us!"

Inspired hunters squad diverge on fighting positions and welcomes demon army which came to the village. Welcoming their by razor-sharp glaive and by uncontrollably strongest beats. Their instant strikes inflict mortal wounds.
The battle began. Angy and ruthless hunters don't know boundaries. Their movements are quick and graceful, blows accurate and strong. Anger and hatred gripping them, but in battle they do not give their emotions blind them.
No one fights with such fury as they are. No one in the battle does not feel more pleasure than they do.
This is ideal machines of war.

Only one hunter in no hurry to rush into battle. He was standing on the bridge in the middle of the river. His huge dark wings the cast a shadow on the murmuring water. In his hand he holds an unusual flower and regretfully looks at it.
Memories overwhelmed him. His rage and hatred give way to bitterness and anguish. The thoughts swirling in his head:

"Many thousands of years have passed since when I was here last time. But I remember everything like yesterday...
The same rare flowers I gifted... to my love... at this very spot."

Behind him appears a vision, the image of a female night elf.
And he heard a gentle female voice

  • "What happened with you, Illidan? You have changed so much..."
  • "I became those by whom had become to save us all, my love."
  • "I know. You sacrificed everything for us. And you are now ready to offer sacrifice again. I was so blind, but I saw the light... In you have a good and selfless.
    Do not destroy yourself. Come back to me... Yet not too late..."
  • "Yes, I sacrificed everything ...

Illidan tight squeezes flower in hand and from his closed hand exudes a bright green juice of corrupt.

"...and was betrayed by all. Betrayed by my people, by my brother... and by you, Tyrande. She will never see anything good in me.
Because in me no good!"

Illidan raises one of his blades and his fast blow dissecting a vision. It disappears into the greenish haze.
From far he heard an ominous demonic laughter. At the end of the voice drawl sarcastically says: "Traitor..."

Illidan filled with uncontrollable rage. He grabs the second glaive and one wing-beat are exalts he above the trees. His eyes sees demons and through the trees and through the horizon.
Marked the nearest enemy, he with shout "You are not prepared!" :smiley: as a destroyer rushes to the ground and impales the demon. Looking into the eyes of a demon, he says: "And now you are prepared get to know... the pain!"
And he shall enter into the battle with his hunters.

They are the last who took the fight. To them do not trust, to them are despised. But if they will not be able to stand against the darkness, then no one can not do this.
They are the last defenders of this world. Defenders of Suramar.

Maybe I overdid it with text :blush:
Do not judge strictly :slight_smile:

I want to try make my diorama captures that moment when the battle is everywhere and to Illidan comes false vision of Tyrande.
I hope that something will come of it :slight_smile:

(Pavel Drokin) #2

Work started :slight_smile:


Love the back story and the accompanying WIPs -- looking forward to more!

(Michael Calvert) #4

How many characters will be in this scene?

(Daniel Di) #5

I think everything will turn out fine. It looks very interesting and professionally. Good job!

(Pavel Drokin) #6

Thank you :slight_smile: currently I am working on the characters

(Pavel Drokin) #7

There will be two main characters. But how many will be in the battle, I still do not know exactly

(Pavel Drokin) #8

Thank you :slight_smile: It means a lot to me

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Person who needs no introduction - Illidan WIP :slight_smile:

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(Pavel Drokin) #11

First Sketchfab embed :slight_smile:

(Pavel Drokin) #12

Tyrande :slight_smile: This is a very early WIP

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(Pavel Drokin) #15

It is something like a demonic aura (or corrupt energy). This seen only by Demon hunters

(Bart) #16

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Pavel Drokin) #17

Hi :slight_smile: I am very far behind the deadline :frowning:
The work is slow and really not enough time. But I still hope that have time to something

(Pavel Drokin) #18

Little bridge

I'm back to the environment :slight_smile:

(Pavel Drokin) #19

This is my first hand painted texture :slight_smile: And this process is awesome! :grinning:
I really really liked it :heart_eyes: :smile: :smile:

I made a small GIF of color layers

And I used Base Color to creating Glossiness and small Metalness

(Cristian Villalobos) #20

Looks great! Thanks for sharing your process, really cool! :slight_smile: