The Little Imp Inn

(Rosa Iglesias) #1

Hello everybody!

First time entering a sketchfab contest.. hope I can finish the whole thing in time :slight_smile:

It is a small floating inn moving to the territories that have been already conquered, to provide some rest and drink to the Burning Legion.
Its owner is a cheapskate small imp (Buddy), who is afraid of humans. No doubt run away if detects the slightest danger in the area, never leaving his inn in a dangerous place, as it is his most precious possession.

Quick concept I did:

(Bloggerignorantedelavida) #2

:heart_eyes: I love it!

(Michael Calvert) #3

This looks so cool, excited to see it in 3D!

(Rosa Iglesias) #4

Thanks @bloggerignorantedela and @rawrsoft :wink:

Feeling super slow working on this, I am modeling the base of the house and the roofs right now..going to post pics of my process :slight_smile:


(Rosa Iglesias) #5

Little and slow update. :slight_smile:

(Emiel Boven) #6

I love the concept art! Excited to see the final entry! :smiley:

(Zachary Hixson) #7

Geez, this looks amazing. Very excited to see how it turns out!


Looks really great, and don't worry about not being able to finish it -- you already modeled a lot already and it's a solid, contained environment. I have faith in you!

(Rosa Iglesias) #9

Thank you very much!! :blush:

The model for this contest is helping me to learn zbrush and I am enjoying this a lot.

I am learning so many new things, but slowly. I'll upload the model whether I just in time or not :wink:.

Hope you enjoy!

(Khangarooart) #10

Cool! Can't wait to see when it's textured

(Henrylam) #11

Really liking the progress on this one. love the concept sketch. cant wait to see!

(Rosa Iglesias) #12

Thank you very much, here is today screenshot with the WIP.. Cant wait till the weekend to work the whole day on it :slight_smile:

(Rosa Iglesias) #13

Working a bit on the wood, also trying to remodel the roof (right now the bottom one on the entrance) reworking the surface and making it more "hard"

(François Leroy) #14

it looks really cool ! :smiley:

(Antonio Jn) #15

Nice silhouette in general, looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

(Utopiad) #16

Wow, love the concept art, I'm looking forward to see this finished! I'd love to be able to do such things.

(Rosa Iglesias) #17

Thanks a lot guys :D.

Im playing with some lights, normal maps and textures. So happy with the roof right now. Have to work the metals and glowing rocks/windows.

(Rosa Iglesias) #18


(Liemnguyenart) #19

looking good! try out my fav matcap for sculpting stylized! it might show more of the curvature of the sculpt.

(Rosa Iglesias) #20

Thanks, will try it for sure, Im new with Zbrush, so feedback and tips will be great :slight_smile: