The Lost Glave of the demonic Lord of Hellfire [done]

(Dark Minaz) #1

As highwarlock of the great guild infamous i do only serve my own plans.
Infused with power beyond anyone's imagination my little gnome feardotcom, destoryer of worlds, killer of lord archimonde in both timelines and bringer of darkness, i shall create my own Throne of Power.
With my twin glaves that i ripped from illidans cold dead hands and infused them with gul'dan's felfire.

In short my diorama will be a fire-throne similar to lord arthas little ice-throne. Ready to face the puny little legion standing in my way to total domination of azeroth. (well that and the 50 dollar for the legion key and my lack of free time)

(Dark Minaz) #2

Did a quick sketch of my idea. Theme will be a bit more focused on hellfire citadel/black temple in the end. (so brown black floor, some green fellfire and a bit other stones) but ill change it probably a few times till i am done.

red = circle of fire (one eyed orc area), purple = fire, blue = glaves, other purple = throne. + maybe pentagram + skulls + chains?
And the lower part is a tactic guide for this mighty boss :smiley: haha


Love the backstory and the sketch! I can't wait to see how this looks over the course of the contest.

(Michael Calvert) #4

Off to a good start! Looking forward to this.

(Dark Minaz) #5

started with the initial look of it.

and made some chains and tested them with my little script if it works and i can just let them move along some curves :slight_smile: works pretty well.

(Michael Calvert) #6

I like the chains demonic design.

(Dark Minaz) #7

did some more on the chair and started with some more floor detailing

wanted to mix in some parts of the t5 look into it. Still not happy with the chair but it's slowly getting in the direction :slight_smile:
Removed the mirrored chain as ill probably edit the curve a bit more so it doesn't look to similar on both sides.
+ the floor star thing from arthas iceplace, i kinda liked it so i just modeled it (well one + shift+d^^)

(Dark Minaz) #8

Pentagram pillar mode :smiley: and some initial where fire would be.
i will add a gateway behind the throne later. But the initial blocking is more or less done

(Chaitanyak) #9

clever! looks like a solid concept!

(Dark Minaz) #10

though id make a little gnomelock on the throne. not sure yet if i really want to go with it or not :stuck_out_tongue: but it would look kinda funny with a demonic place and a little gnome on the throne :smiley:

so super rough concept look ^^

(Dark Minaz) #11

after fiddling with the hands for 20min i noticed gnomes in wow got 4 fingers .. ^^
wanted to give mine a slightly different look than the wow ones for the face.

but this is the last update for today :slight_smile:
and a first 2 little render, to check how the shadows and co would affect it.

(Dark Minaz) #12

plan for today:
more blocking, creating the demonic gateway, probably change my gnome into my real gnome

i also spend some gold to get my account aktive again (70k .. xD) and went to kick arthas ass again

might go more into sort of demon look, not sure yet, but ill add horns .. but i kinda want to avoid looking like a demonhunter.

so probably more in this design

  • found an old ingame shot when i first kicked arthas ass :smiley: man thats a long time ago

    but yeah got some more ideas, more spikes, more fel, more demon powa :slight_smile:

(Tgi) #13

omg the idea of a gnomelock sitting on the frozen throne would be hilarious. everything looks great so far! :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #14

thanks :slight_smile: well it going to be the demonic throne but i am loving the idea more and more, so i am going with it.
the one pure evil thing .. little gnome of death :smiley:

probably the only race on alliance that i can play without noggenfogger or other transform items

(Dark Minaz) #15

start of day 3
decided to make gul'dan's shoulderpads, since my mighty warlock killed that puny orc :slight_smile:
and the set looks super dope ^^

I first wanted to go with the best set of all time (t5) but after i saw the harbringer trailer i thought .. fuck that does look awesome :slight_smile: so i will go for a mix between gul'dan + t5, mostly in how it was arranged and color sheme :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #16

worked on the hair, will be a bit emo look :slight_smile: + something tribal like on the face

+ superlowpoly skull .. i think i can't go lower without loosing anything at this point (if just tell me how^^) since i need a few skulls for the t5 :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #17

if anyone has some questions on how or idk something, just ask :slight_smile:
feedback is always welcome as well :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #18

after looking at a lot of ref i realized my hands were to far away .. small gnomes are small :smiley:
added more spikes, the wood spike thing from gul'dan, t1 horns, work on the robe and some little shoes :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #19

well some ref for tomorrow :slight_smile: gateway time
and one for the how gnomes sit .. turns out blizzard just kills them inside while sitting .. well i guess my version if fine for now.

(Dark Minaz) #20

Got some nice feedback on my gnome

so i fixed the robe a bit and made it "thicker" and more natural looking, rest will be done with textures i think :slight_smile:

gateway time now

edit :smiley: the moment you want to look evil and scary but also want to wear some comfy shoes because beeing a big evil boss is a hard job

ill probably change the colors on it and change it more to a cuter design but more or less the idea for now :smiley: