The Lost Glave of the demonic Lord of Hellfire [done]

updated the normal map from 2k to 4k and lowered the strengh a bit.

tomorrow is skull time :stuck_out_tongue:

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didn't like the face so i added more female touches to it :slight_smile:

edit: iray png is wayyy to high res with 8mb ^^
edit 2: somehow i can't upload at the moment .. idk why. ill try later.
till then if anyone wants to see it

now it works hurray xD


skulls done, i might edit them slighty again later.
so the scene looks now kinda like this :smiley:
next ill start with the glaves and work on the throne i guess


my wl styled gleve :slight_smile:
with some help guidelines for modeling i.e all the color lines ^^

modeling is done :slight_smile: now time for uv texturez

YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! or something ^^

that glave is sick!

haha thanks man :slight_smile: never had that long on a simple blade ^^ but i feel like it was worth it :smiley:

Did fiddle on a few things but nothing big, wanted to relax today.
But here an updated version of my gnome :wink:
ill work a bit more on the skulls probably. But i like the overall feeling of it now

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decided a real warlock throne needs some felpools, gotta chill out somewhere right? :smiley:
currently thinking about the concept of it

probably a mix between the 3, i got a general idea for it but not really sure how to really do that :smiley:

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and moonmoon the demonic moonwell is done :slight_smile: ill add some of my glow textures in the end to give the same as the 3rd image effect in the end :slight_smile:
a relaxing little pool of green something :smiley:

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and the dream of every little gnome :slight_smile:

his personal gateway to hell :smiley:

Throne room

overall scene

next will be a few books, then the throne itself and then ill start making the scene itself :slight_smile: so changing a few rocks, creating one mesh for the overall thing and trying to save some poly here and there :wink:

I though i should start with a bit of a Timeplan for now.
10.8 - Work on 4 props that i feel are #musthave aka glowing stone x 2 version, flying book, flying big rock, glowing orb
11.8-12.8tomorrow-friday throne
13.8-15.8 sunday rocks + scene in general
16.8 First final version upload
16-22. Fixes, fire/runes animations.
20. upload final version, add annotations, set vr scale, work out lore

Additional ideas an priority list of those
- Some additional bone parts to fill the scene with more "death"
- A little hidden cave with a sign that states "turn around!" inside the big hill
- create animated little orbs/eye of killrogs that fly around
-- some sort of demon, although a personal version not an existing
-- create hdri background

Any other ideas or feedback is always welcome :wink:

Like the timeline-- that's quite a schedule you got there! Looking forward to seeing the WIPs!

well thats mostly with 2-3 hours a day in mind max.
if everything goes exactly as planed i get do to it all and some more. But i want to have a sort of light plan for now.
Working to much isn't to good sometimes :slight_smile:

But works with my first timeplan that was a bit more general
get shit done - 15.8
fix stuff 22.8

So i'm quite glad even with a few lazy days i'm still in the time plan :wink:

so i started with the basics, a book with a cover that is made of the coolest blade ever :slight_smile:
the t5 (lolarchi) sword or tempest of chaos

next will be the floating gems, the eye of sauron ehm killrog

small green gemstone, floating orb of magic (inside will be transparent) , eye of killrog legion edition, manacrystal from sunwell (xgreen edit) + magic book :slight_smile:

now uv time :smiley:

and uv done :slight_smile: