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The Martian - Potato Farm

(Halon Keiser) #1

So this is what I'm hoping to model. I've never actually finished a scene before, but now I have motivation.

Hopefully I'll get it done. Oh, without Matt Damon, probably. I bet that's copyright infringement. :stuck_out_tongue:



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Have fun! This room has a lot going on, behind that plastic. I'm excited to see where you take it!

(Halon Keiser) #3

Alright, I've got the HAB fabric up and the initial frame parts.
This first one highlights where the geodesic dome will be. I'm working on that next.

The second is just as wide a shot as I could get. I don't know if blender has a wide angle lens mode. I should look into that...

And then this one just shows the poles again.

The camera on blender is super wide angle, so the pictures are a little confusing.
Oh, and the cube in the center is just for reference.

(Halon Keiser) #4

Yay! I got the dome! It was easier than I thought it would be. I scaled and subdivided an isocahedron and applied a wireframe modifier.

Ta da!
I'm working on the internals now, all the stuff around the edge outside the plastic.

So, smart me, I made a plan. Which, in all likelihood will have to be abandoned because of some unforeseen issue.
Another update, I now have RenderMan for blender, so when I get to it, the rendering will be more professional looking. If I can figure out how to use it, that is.

(Mhazani) #5

I like your style - and that's a cool scene to recreate! Love that movie.

Unfortunately AFAIK Renderman (like Cycles and many others) doesn't play nice with the Sketchfab renderer, but who knows? There may be a workflow out there, and even if not, it's good for WIP shots.

Best of luck to you!

(Halon Keiser) #6

Shoot! Do you know of a renderer that does work well?

(Halon Keiser) #7

I added a bunch of storage shelves!

So many bins... ughh. There's 40 of them, to be exact.
I also finished the desks, and there are some pencils and a laptop on them. I fell like I'm getting a bit too detailed, considering I haven't even got the tarps up yet, let alone the dirt and potato plants and lights and stuff.

I'll be making the machines next, adding them in, and then throwing up the tarps, and then making the center structure.

(Halon Keiser) #8

Leaf.blend (637.9 KB)
I made a potato plant! It's extremely basic. I don't think I'm going after photorealism. Thank goodness.

(Vrhuman) #9

Really loved the book/movie.
This will be damn cool!

(Halon Keiser) #10

Okay, let's try the potato plant again. The texturing isn't final, it's a texture from an old bin project. It turns out blender's built in color textures don't upload properly.

I also dumped an early HAB model

(Halon Keiser) #11

I'm done! I'm finally done!
This is my final entry into the static competition.

The geometry was kind of messed up after I applied all the modifiers, so I had to clean it up a lot.

As you might be able to see you can look out of the HAB from the inside like that. So I went around and cleaned the edges up.
@vrhuman Thanks! I'm not super experienced yet, this is actually the first environment model I've finished, but next competition I'll be back with more!