The Matrix: Rescue Morpheus

(Ashraf Azlan) #1

I know there's already another entry for this movie, but The Matrix was such a defining moment in my childhood I'd be doing my 12-year-old self a disservice by not recreating this scene.

Who doesn't remember this moment? From the jaw-dropping bullet time to Trinity's perfect one-liner, this scene set a benchmark for action movies from then on.

Of course, with it being a relatively light scene, I also have plans to recreate this:

There's just so much visual complexity in that shot. Lets hope I manage to pull both of these off :persevere:

(Dark Minaz) #2

happy to see even more matrix scenes :slight_smile:
looking at it from morpheus perspective would be super cool :smiley:


Ha, I was waiting for this one! Can't wait!