The Mean Machine - Wacky Races

(Vangre) #1

I recently uploaded a model from back in the days to Sketchfab and started playing with the 3d settings and its materials. No textures have been used. I’m planning on making all the Wacky races vehicles and optimize them for use in a game engine eventually. This highpoly model needs a small fix in the mesh but is as good as finished.

(Shaderbytes) #2

looks interesting , they poly count is an issue though , to be honest my network is not running to great today and it was just taking too long to load so I closed it before i saw it. Will try a bit later again.

(Vangre) #3

I’ll try to make a version with a lower polycount in the next few hours and switch the model. Keep you posted
Thanks for mentioning the issue :wink:

(Vangre) #4

I finished the mesh and removed around 600k poly’s, so it should be easier to load now :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #5

looks like you removed about 1.26 million poly to me :wink: it was 1.3 million before, it is only ~40k now. well done! I had a look and left a comment , great job.