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Hey guys :DD

It's the first time that i participate some env. contest and i looove wow and your lore, so i'd like to bring a little bit of it. Hope you like it!

The inspired events will be shown in Suramar _______________________________________________________________________
Inside wow story, the titans bring order to the cosmos, being the fundamental part of the game's mythology. They were looking for other titans, for being extinct.

There is an assumption that they are souls from both worlds.

In my story I would like to show the events by my creation showing an idea that Suramar is a special land where all major events are happening.

Why that land? Especially because it was possessed, beyond its apparent reason?

There is an unknown force in Azeroth where the core would be gathered in Suramar, long before the magic of the elves for the protection of that place.

In fact, the Titans had sought for a precious piece of their existence, when they were destroyed and Sargeras succumbed.

Azeroth would be great and powerful, a new titan is about to emerge.

Long before his appearances, Patheon hid the strength of this light below the land of Suramar protected by crystals that were placed to prevent the energy that was scattered a lot or they could feel all the energy that was coming out from there and blocked its entrance to that site.

There is a problem, unlike other titans, this was a powerful and not controlled, neutral power, which does not recognize neither goodness nor badness, it is a potentiating light that could be awake as Titan or be sucked just as a great force of energy. Could it be the reason for the existence and strength of the old gods? Could this energy be the one to give power to Nightwell? This energy is the strength and vitality of Azeroth.

Is he the great savior of his own planet or he will be sucked out and help destroy the cosmos and his planet if by any chance the legion finds him?

Being the force within, when he is reborn, would not be necessary the existence of the old gods already that he would be the main force of your planet?

It is the great and unique center Azeroth.

The reason the Titans have a good temperament, is because all the evil was stuck in their core making it happen this chaos of energy.

The Patheon always knew. They have hid them because they have the same strength as Sargeras, but also a source that would support that evil. As time goes by and soon after all events, the evil lost such energy, leaving only the titan asleep who is exposed for good or for evil.

Below the elven lands, hidden by Patheon, for protection of the entire cosmos.

The energy of legion was consuming this scene in all the surfaces until it went deeply into this site. Could it break the protection that was put in?

The influence of the legion in this scene shows the chaos and the fear of disruption of this greater strength and the analogy of the battle between good and evil. Perhaps closer to break down.


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some basic sketch

concept (or kind of) :joy:


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Neat, looking forward to this.

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I decided to do some changes in concept to make more sense on volumes :smiley:

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And more references :grin:

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Love the story and the planning! The beginning modeling looks great, can't wait to see where this goes!

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Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

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I need some help!
I'm new in sketchfab and i dont know how to put all scene here ._.

what i have to do?

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some updates before final entry :DD

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Some more updates :smiley:
I gess i'm trouble, i dont know how to put a complete model on sketchfab lol

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Happy to help you out :slight_smile: Let's start with the basics: which 3D application do you use? Take a look at our exporters page to see if we support direct uploading from inside your application:

Also, take a look at this page to understand the basics of uploading:

Let me know if you need more help!

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please what do i do T.T

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Done :smiley: Submitted.It's very nice learning experience. Good luck for everyone. :smiley:

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So glad you figured it out in time! Great entry.

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all lost nights were worth it :slight_smile: thanks for this challenge!

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I hear that! Great work!

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Thanks buddy :DDD