The "new era" of 3d textured models generated by ML

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First of all, please accept my apologies in advance if this topic is offensive in any way to the #fab team, 3d creators, hobbyists, etc.

I want to discuss and to get more feedback / opinions from creative people, about the “new era” of 3d textured models generated by ML. How will impact the creators, or furthermore, how will manage this in the NEW ERA of #fab ?

For example, the GET3D project (developed by a corporation - I don’t give the name here) is a project that will change everything (I hope not) in the 3d world.

Of course, in my field (geology), there is no chance for AI to win this ‘game’.

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they are training nvidia picasso for text to 3d with Shutterstock and turbosquid partnership turbosquid 3d models will be used to train AI soon text-to-3D features will also be offered on Turbosquid to build and buy 3d models definitely it’s a threat for 3d artists as of now don’t have access for nvidia picasso to test but you can use GET3d and its totally scarp