The new spiderman game witchcraft


(Garfield) #1

So I saw this gameplay footage of the new Spiderman game. This scene in particular boggles my mind because I don’t understand what is happening.

What I know:
The room is an enclosed box
The textures are baked in to look like there are furniture and whatnot.
The textures changed as soon as the camera views it from a different angle.

Can anybody with game development experience explain this? Or anybody at all?

(Nomadking) #2

It’s a shader trick using parallax textures or cubemaps, or an evolution of that same technique. It’s been around for a while, but they really seem to be pushing it here for great results :slight_smile:

A couple of places you can read about this sort of thing:

(Garfield) #3

Wow, I see. I never knew this type of thing existed. You learn something everyday huh.

Thank you for explaining and providing sources.