The Oldest Model on Sketchfab

I’m new to Sketchfab but not new to Blender. Here’s an ancient 20-year old radiosity render that I converted from vertex colors to image maps.


Nice, I already noticed it in the uploads :slight_smile:

People these days cannot imagine how cool this was back then!


I’m still amazed by the level of realism, and that it was already possible so many years ago!
I mean, one of the differences compared to today’s tech is the speed at which we can achieve such a gorgeous result :smiley:

Clickbait! I was hoping to see the oldest (uploaded first) model on sketchfab :]

Thanks guys.

Yes, we can render much faster these days. I remember that the old
radiosity method didn’t hold up too well with more complex geometry. But
it was still pretty good.

This is definitely not the first uploaded model, but it might be one of
the oldest.

Btw … what was the first sketchfab model which was uploaded to the website?
Just curious :slight_smile:

Do you know it @bartv ?

I think it might be this one (not 100% sure).

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