The Operation of Desktop & Smartphone

(Flyingmodel) #1

After we upload
the 3D models, here are some questions while viewing:


Could we fix some angles if we don’t want
viewer to watch it?


We found that we couldn’t operate the 3D model
as flexible as on desktop, if there is any setup we missed while uploading? Or how
to setup to let viewers could operate it as flexible as viewing it on desktop?

(Bart) #2


at this moment it's not possible to restrict viewing angles etc, but it is a popular request so we will certainly take it in to consideration.

And when you say a model isn't 'flexible', what do you mean exactly? Do you find it harder to navigate?

(Flyingmodel) #3

Thank you for your prompt reply, the 'flexible' means that we couldn't viewing angles as free as we using computer. We could only viewing it on smart phone (android) with left and right and others aren't available to operate.

(Bart) #4

Ah, if you can only rotate 'left and right' that means your phone doesn't have the required WebGL support. In that case, we fall back to pre-rendered images with only limited navigation freedom.


@flyingmodel - what browser/version and operating system are you using when it doesn't work? Have you tried anther browser?


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.