The perfect configurator

(Gabrielefx) #1

Hi all,
I’m developing a configurator but probably I don’t know if there are already available these features:
#01 I’d like to know if Sketchfab already supports webgl instances
#02 How to group objects and how to move them? I mean drag the objects on a xyz space. Is it possible to block the rotation-zoom camera and use the pointer to drag objects?
#03 Lighting projection. I’d like to use a light to project a gobo effect or a photometric ies file (light cookies)
#04 Lighting setup: I’d like to change the hdr enviromnent lighting
#05 Lighting on-off: I’d like to trigger light on-off state
#06 Event sound: I’d like to trigger a sound effect
#07 Autoillumination color+texture: I’d like to use an auto illumination b/n texture and change its color using the PBR shading
#08 load-unload: I’d like to load and merge a Sketchfab scene into another
#09 fade in-out: I’d like to hide-unhide a model with a fade effect
#10 background: I’d like to change the 2d background


(Shaderbytes) #2

nothing is available in your list really … what is a second background in your point 10??

(Paul Sketch) #3


As a reminder, the function api is here

#01 Can you explain a bit more what goal do you need this for as I have hard time understanding what you mean by “webgl instances”
#02 not per se. but some you can do on your side.
-> group: you apply a matrix to the "list of node"which is the group by iterating and apply the trasform to each of it.
-> block camera: I wonder if a setCameraLookat and a click to start drag, then a nodeMouseLeave that move back the object under the mouse each time would work.
#03 texture projection: not directly, but using transparent quad you animate around maybe you can animating uv or animating scales (see for scale)
#03 not possible
#04 not possible
#05 soon
#06 not possible
#06 isn’t that emission ? can you elaborate more with an example ?
#08 not possible
#09 you can animate mesh opacity values
#10 not possible to change the “image background” at runtime for now. ( but fakable to a certain extent with background on a plane)

(Shaderbytes) #4

Mesh opacity? This is new to me , I know about material opacity , but since a model could have many materials that is why i said “not really” because then you would have to animate all the materials of the said model to achieve the affect. Is this some other opacity , not per material based i dont know about??

(Paul Sketch) #5

no, nothing you don’t know about :slight_smile:

Sorry it wasn’t clear enough, you do have to animate each material opacity one by one for the mesh you want to fade.

(Shaderbytes) #6

ah ok thanks Paul for clarifying that :wink:

(Gabrielefx) #7

I’m trying to programming a lighting fixture configurator for Clay Paky, a famous brand for lighting fixture.
I want to add to the configurator the follow features:
Finiture options: possible
Animation options: possible
Lighting effect projection (gobos): not possible (possible with play canvas)
Lighting effect color change: not possible
Annotation selection without camera animation: not possible with limited zoom/orbit
Possibility to configure multiple lighting fixture on a truss: I don’t know how
Possibility to change spherical backgrounds: I don’t know how
Possibility to simulate rgb variations using a baked b/w pre-rendered lighting simulation: I don’t know how
I don’t want to use: Play Canvas, Unity or UE4

I think that Sketchfab has great potential, it is the best webgl engine on the planet.


(Thecablecenter) #8

I would like to be able to add already existing files into other files also. I would pay also for online ability to modify my fbx or obj files.