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The Portal Workshop

(Chris Sidgwick) #1

After the initial invasion, The Burning Legion have started work on smaller versions of the dark portal, I'm going to make a small workshop diorama depicting the ''Eureka'' moment when they get the first one working! The plan is to create a very dungeon looking workshop showcasing the tools and other implements involved with making a smaller portal and how the room is effected by the first connection!

(Michael Calvert) #2

This is a great concept, excited to see it come alive.

(Chris Sidgwick) #3

Rightio! So today I started my pre-production, by doing one of my pastimes for 3D projects, the good old fashioned mood board!, I needed to see how The Burning Legion constructed their architecture, and its a whole lot of Fel Iron, stone and of course a lot of green! so putting together a reference of the colour theory and materials required I can start sketching and really thinking about how something in this world would be made in order for it to really feel like it fits the theme, definitely excited to get going on this!

(Michael Calvert) #4

Great start! Looking forward to your sketches.


Love the research and the images used -- excited to see your take on it!

(Chris Sidgwick) #6

A small update i'm afraid! I began some pencil sketches of the layout for the room, and decided to begin a bit of the blocking out process beginning with the god artifact of course, the portal!, Following my lore of being the first prototype that they ever got working I wanted to try and make it look a little crude compared to the Burning Legion gates that can be seen in the game, which lead me to this design so far, I included quick paint over of the portal itself and i'm even playing with the idea of some cool idle animation for it! Work is pretty much stifling my time id love to spend on this project, but i'm hoping to be done with the blocking out process after the weekend. More updates coming!

(Matheusoliveira) #7

That's cool :wink:

(Bart) #8

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Chris Sidgwick) #9

So managing to get a few days out of work and to myself i've worked a bit more on putting my scene together in the form of a slightly more detailed block out than id usually do, with the aims to really use the assetts in the scene to give off the aura of power and force that i can imagine the opening of a portal to create, such as the tables and its contents going flying, papers of a spell book being tossed into the air and the flags and maps being ripped (or almost) off the wall.

I've also solved my ZBrush conundrum as graduating from university this year meant I had no licence to work with, fortunately the trial is just long enough for me to try my hand at sculpting ad that's pretty much where i'm going from here, sculpting replacement assets before getting it all into 3D coat for painting, its going to be a busy two weeks but even if I don't finish it then it will be a great project to complete and will all be shown on sketchfab!

The Mad Imps Portal Workshop (Blockout)
by Punchparty
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