The Ring (Dream Sequence)

(Adandrpepper) #1

I love the theme for this contest! I'm going to go with this scene from The Ring where Rachel encounters Samara in a dream sequence.


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Have fun! Our first horror movie contender! :o Scary!

(Adandrpepper) #3

Here's my WIP so far! I've been carefully trying to measure the scale in the scene and began modeling the furniture in the room. I also recreated the hallway just outside the room so it feels more like you're walking in. The cityscape backgrounds are temporary for now, and I'll also probably try baking some of the lighting to get those soft shadows.

Make sure to use the first person controls if you check out the sketchfab model!

(Adandrpepper) #4

I sculpted the bed and added some other furniture to the room. Just a few other things I want to model, and then I'll work on the model for Samara! I added some of my reference screenshots for comparison to the film.

(Adandrpepper) #5

Just got this done in time for the deadline! Took me forever, and there was so much more that I wanted to add!

(Antoine Bassin) #6

Very creepy scene in VR. It's disturbing to look at something else that the character, espacially if you already have seen her face :disappointed_relieved: