The scene is not showing anything

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Yesterday I tried to open a model using the API and I am not receiving any imaging. I am not sure if this is related to the updated version of the API. This model was working perfectly and suddenly this happened.

Could you please help me out? I have attached some screenshots.

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Can you paste the url of your page?

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Many thanks

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It seems the problem comes form this script which is in sketchfab domain

(Stephomi) #5

Indeed there’s a regression with our setCameraLookAt function, we’ll fix it quickly, sorry for the inconvenience!

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Is that because of the new update of the API? I remember I opened these models 3 days ago and they were working. Just wondering if that is the reason.

Many thanks!!

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Hi, is there any update?

(Stephomi) #8

Fix is ready and needs to be deployed.
Unfortunately it’ll probably happen next week (monday normally).

Until then, you can provide a “duration” value when calling lookAt/setCameraLookAt, (the default value is 2.0).
Normally the attribute is optional but we introduced a bug.

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Thanks, I am trying to put a duration in all the functions by using

if (duration == null) {
distance = 3.0;

but the bug is still there. This is the entire function:

this.lookat = function (key, direction, distance, duration, callback) {
var dataObjectRef = classScope.getNodeObject(key);
var dataObjectRefSingle;
if (dataObjectRef != null) {
if (direction == null) {
direction = classScope.vectorForward;
if (distance == null) {
distance = 10;
if (duration == null) {
distance = 3.0;
if (Array.isArray(dataObjectRef)) {
console.log(“multiple nodes returned during call to lookat, first node will be used”);
dataObjectRefSingle = dataObjectRef[0];
} else {
dataObjectRefSingle = dataObjectRef;

  var target = [dataObjectRefSingle.worldMatrix[12], dataObjectRefSingle.worldMatrix[13], dataObjectRefSingle.worldMatrix[14]];
  var eye = [target[0] + (direction[0] * distance), target[1] + (direction[1] * distance), target[2] + (direction[2] * distance)];
  classScope.api.setCameraLookAt(eye, target, duration, callback);



(Stephomi) #11

The fix has been release and looks like the exemple is working now.

ps: you should compare against undefined, not null (if duration is not provided).
But with the fix is released you don’t have to change your code now.

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Many thanks!!

I am still getting some similar problems with this model

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Hi, just wondering if you could check the last link I sent.

Many thanks.

(Paul Sketch) #14

yes, Looking into it.
Meanwhile, perhaps reverting to “1.1” sketchfab api viewer version might fix it? it fixes at least the load with 1.1.

(Paul Sketch) #15

The “lookat” wrapper function you’re using just doesn’t support variable arguments list.
you need either:

  • to use directly the lookat of sketchfab-viewer.js
  • provide all params (filling with undefined,undefined like lookat(myKey, myDirection, undefined, undefined, myCallback); works)
  • Add handling of varargs, for instance
var distance, duration, callback;
if (arguments.length === 3){
    distance = 100;
    duration = 3.0;
   callback = arguments[2];
}else if (arguments === 4)
   duration = 3.0
   callback = arguments[3];

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Thank you very much Paul